Your wedding day is a memorable and important day of your life. Starting from wedding photographs, to making checklists, choosing the ideal venue for your wedding party, and selecting reliable vendors, there are loads of items that should be properly planned out in order to make your dream day special and exclusive. Needless to mention, planning or preparation of your wedding event may seem to be quite complex and stressful. In order to avoid your stress or anxiety, you should follow the below-mentioned eight incredible tips to make your wedding day smooth sailing and enjoyable.


1. Set Your Budget & Stick to It:

Wedding events can be pretty expensive. Just like other events, you may always wish to add extra items into your master list (prior to the main event date). However, these additional items probably have not been included in your planned budget.

Therefore, it is always recommended to outline and set your budget and then stick to it. You can allocate some amount of money for a set of “nice-to-have wish list” items. But, you should always aim not to exceed the planned budget from day one. Plus, try to be resilient or flexible with yourself & prioritize the must-have items or big spend item lists first on your planned budget.


2. Create a Proper Timeline:

Setting a proper timeline is the second most essential part of your wedding planning and preparation. While creating a timeline, develop a reasonable and feasible timeline, fit to a pre-planned schedule, and figure out the due dates on any calendar. While outlining your timeline, just make sure that you have enough time to properly plan, execute, and celebrate your wedding event in a pleasant and hassle-free manner.


3. Choose an Event Tool:

Some couples may prefer to use excel worksheets (as their event tool), while others may prefer the conventional method of recording/ writing out all expenses paid for their wedding ceremony – it’s solely up to you; however, please ensure to track each and every expense so that you never run out of budget.

4. Figure Out Some Important Details:

Once you have figured out the timeline and budget of your wedding, it’s the right time to plan out other important details. For example, you should prepare a guest list. After creating your guest list, take your time to selecting your wedding date, a venue, and theme. You will need to meet with the venue owner, get a comprehensive list of what they’ll exactly provide, and ask them to send you an estimated quote. It’s always recommended to carefully review the vendor contract before closing any deal. In fact, you should also visit the event space before making any commitments.


5. Design with Quality:

There is nothing more special and exclusive than a creative and custom wedding set with unique and unconventional twists that perfectly shows off the style & character of a happy couple! Just reach out to several design resources and seek for their help in order to design custom wedding invitations cards.

6. Be Diligent and Careful When Hiring Vendors:

You may need to be pretty careful and diligent when hiring a vendor for DJ, lighting and decor, food & beverage caterer, flower shop, photo booth company, and wedding dress boutique etc. In general, it is recommended to find references for your vendors, create an Excel spreadsheet with their contact info, and create a back-up contact list for your vendors. It is important to set-up regular meetings with all of the selected vendors and clearly discuss your expectations and requirements because all of you are collectively going to create a memorable and remarkable experience for the groom, bride, and wedding guests.

7. Anticipate Challenges:

Even if your wedding event is well-planned by the most experienced event planners, it may not come off smoothly and perfectly. So many little things tend to occur on your wedding day that you may not have expected, for example, missing centerpieces and broken zippers on wedding dresses etc. Keep yourself cool and relaxed, assertively step in, and efficiently handle such situations.

8. The Final Tip:

Once you have followed the aforementioned seven tips, take a few moment to unwind, relax, & enjoy the attainment and accomplishment of planning such an emotional, fun-filled, and timeless memories in your life.

The Bottom Line: Hopefully, the aforementioned eight tips will come pretty handy for any soon-to-be wedding couple.